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    Hybridon/Pfizer Headquarters on the Charles River
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Lechmere Canal, Cambrige
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Lechmere Canal, before
  The quality of our work is documented by built and implemented projects, as well as our long standing relationships with clients. For example, our East Cambridge Riverfront Project, a "national model" development of a 40 acre former industrial riverfront into a thriving mixed use community, is one of the very few urban design revitalization projects in the country that have been built fundamentally as planned in the last 25 years.  Even more of a rarity, this one billion dollar development was also supported by the historic East Cambridge neighborhood planning team.

In large part, our success in East Cambridge is due to our consulting relationship with the City of Cambridge since 1976, and our determination to work successfully with the twenty two individual land owners and their development teams. We have an equally successful relationship with private institutions and developers where we have provided both planning and architectural services for the last twenty five years.

The final test for each project is whether all the participants feel a sense of ownership and satisfaction. A recent architectural project, Hybridon/Pfizer’s headquarters and laboratories, located at 620 Memorial Drive in Cambridge, has been extremely well received by all directly and indirectly involved. That is our goal for each and every project we undertake.

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