Lechmere Canal, East Cambridge   Vision
Seeing the potential to transform a site and a community
Welcoming the challenge of difficult locations
White Hall, Lesley University   Expertise
Possessing award winning design -- and people skills
Being expert at the approval process, especially in Cambridge
Ellis Building, South Boston   Credibility
Demonstrating long term commitment to the community
Earning the trust of government and business
Lesley University Dining Hall, Lesley College   Flexibility
Working on large master plans and design projects at all scales
Meeting private objectives and public goals
AMC Lodge, New Hampshire   Capacity
Providing full architectural services
Building ten million dollars of construction
Hybridon/Pfizer Building, Cambridge   Results
Realizing visions with built projects
Satisfying clients and communities

We deliver on all accounts!
architecture urban design implementation
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CDL is design collaborative with LDA Architects